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In the summer of 2022, we successfully carried out a project to establish a fully equipped children's room in a modular town located in the city of Borodianka, Kyiv region. This initiative aimed to support families who have lost their homes due to the war.
The room is furnished with everything necessary for children to have a rest and development: a TV with SmartTV, comfortable upholstered furniture and shelves for convenient placement of handouts, a safe and warm covering on the floor, books, games, puzzles and other tools for the development of motor skills and logic.
The children's room became popular among both children and their parents, who continue to visit it with joy even to this day.


During the New Year holidays of 2022-2023, we arranged a celebration for the children of the Heroes defending our Ukraine. This event became possible through the support of our international partners and the generous contribution of the "Darynok" shopping center as part of our charitable project called "New Year's Gift for Children of Ukraine.
During the interactive event, the presenters conducted contests with personalized gifts for the children, as well as organized an entertaining program featuring exciting shows with animators.
Gifts were also given to families with children who have lost their homes and reside in a modular town in Irpin, Kyiv region, as well as kids registered with the Department of Children and Family Services.


In December 2022, we arranged a visit to the Kyiv zoo as one of the offline events for children from internally displaced families and those who faced difficult life circumstances. Kids from different regions of Ukraine, who are registered with the Department of Children and Family Services, were invited to take part in this excursion. The event took place thanks to the joint efforts of benefactors, our volunteers, DCFC and social workers.
The little ones had the chance to observe the lives, behaviour and habits of various animals at the zoo. They were able to personally feed some of the animals, engage in closer interactions with them, enjoy a delicious snack, and receive gifts during the visit.
For many children, this was their first real-life encounter with exotic animals, rather than seeing them only in books.

COOPERATION WITH Department of Children and Family Services

We maintain a close partnership with the regional Department of Children and Family Services to enhance our effectiveness in assisting those who are vulnerable. Through direct communication with the service, we gain a clearer understanding of the needs and can provide humanitarian assistance to those fellow citizens who require it most urgently.
We are grateful to all the employees of the Department of Children and Family Services, who work tirelessly to provide comprehensive support for the present and the future of our children.



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or social media.